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Russia Forum portal Terms of use


The usage of information portal Russia Forum (made by company Markinvest Oy, Finland) is regulated by these Terms of use. The address of the Russia Forum portal is www.rus-forum.ru.

Users undertake to comply with these Terms of use of the portal Russia Forum. Any registered user, the customer, the buyer of advertising services (banner and logotype advertising), as well as services "Business Contact" and "News column" at Russia Forum, accepts the terms and conditions of use and agrees to comply with it from the moment of registration or acquisition of any services of Russia Forum.

Registration or ordering of the services

1. Visitor to the electronic trading platform (free of charge)
The following information is available to the visitor: company presentations, logotype and banner advertising, news, announcements column Business contact, in so far as is allowed by the companies hosting the information.

2. Registered user (paid service)
The registered user is able to view the presentations of the companies and edit basic information about his own company. Registered users also can view the advertisements of other companies, news and announcements on the Bulletin Board of the Business contact service.     

The registered user is able to use paid services: "News column" and the column "Business contact".

In addition, the registered user can sign the agreement to receive service of Business partners finding and Business contact service.

3. The customer of advertising services - Banner and Logotype advertising
The Banner and logotype advertisings are paid services available to all registered users of the portal www.rus-forum.ru. The advertising is temporary and is placed for a period as is agreed in the order confirmation. The advertiser is liable for the factual content of advertisement, as well as for the necessary permits, approvals, availability of intellectual property rights, all that is required for the use of advertising material.
The company Markinvest Oy has the right to remove any objectionable or somehow inappropriate materials.

4. The increase of rating, the use of the services "News column" and "Business contact"
The services of Russia Forum "Increasing of website ranking", "News column" and "Business contact" are the paid services for registered users. The periods and the costs of these services are fixed.

5. New services of Russia Forum portal - Russian Forum - Searching for Business partners and Business contacts.
Agreements on the providing of the services of Business contacts searching and Business partners searching – are the new services for registered users of Russia Forum. The coverage area is Finland and the Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus).

According to the Contract on the service of Business contacts searching, the specialist carries out the searching by sending the information based on the customer´s request to the email address, specified by the client. Than the specialist presents to the customer the information collected during the course of providing services.

The Contract on the Business partners searching can include the searching for innovative consumers, manufacturers, distributors of any product or service.

6. Login and password
The right to use the services of the Russia Forum portal is individual for each company (user). The company Markinvest Oy confirms the registration and assigns for registered users of the Russia Forum portal  the login and password for accessing to edit own information.
Markinvest Oy checks users' personal data on the basis of own register in order to prevent possible misuses.
The company Markinvest Oy is not liable for any inaccurate advertisements posted by registered users.
The disclosure either transfer of customer´s login and password to a third party is strictly forbidden.

7. The right of use and the action of contract
The company Markinvest Oy grants the users of the Russia Forum portal services the right to use this online service in accordance with these Terms of use. The registered user accesses the services after the order confirmation and username´ and password´ obtaining from the company Markinvest Oy. The user receives the right of use for a period of 6 or 12 months from the date of the order, the right of use is extended automatically once per year if the order is not cancelled two months before the date of expiration of the order.

The registered user is responsible for keeping in safe his username and password. If it becomes known or there is reason to suppose that a third party has possessed of the user login, the user should immediately change his IDs on the portal. The company Markinvest Oy also has the right to block the user's access with such IDs and to take any other action it deems necessary to avoid losses or damages.

The registered user may use the services of the Russia Forum portal on their computers and print out materials from the portal for their own personal use. In accordance with the user rights is not allowed to copy the database or computer software forming part of the Russia Forum portal.

8. Copyright
The entire Russia Forum portal, the database of the portal, all the information and software, created by Markinvest Oy and contained in the Russia Forum portal, are protected by copyright in accordance with § 1 of the Law "On copyright", copyright belongs to the company Markinvest Oy, Finland.
The database of Russia Forum portal, all the data and materials contained in the portal may not be copied, distributed, published, exploited commercially or otherwise used other than in compliance with these Terms of use without the written permission of Markinvest Oy, Finland.

9. Ownership
The Finnish company Markinvest Oy, Finland, owns the Russia Forum portal as well as all the database and materials contained in the portal.
This Website is created by Markinvest Oy, Finland.

10. Fees
The company Markinvest Oy charges fees for the services of the Russia Forum portal in accordance with the valid price list, which can be found at the address www.rus-forum.ru.
The service by Russia Forum "Rating increase" is automatically extended long term service. The customer may terminate the automatically extended contract by giving written notice to the customer service team by e-mail: info@markinvest.fi, or by calling + 358 3 7521810. The termination is effective as of the beginning of following period of invoicing. The contract-order should be terminated not less than two months before the beginning of following period of invoicing. The date of service is 12 months from the date of receipt of the login.

A special invoice is to be made for additional services, terms of payment 14 days net. Prices are without tax, to the price should be added VAT.

The customer has the right to modify his order or file a claim within 7 days of order confirmation.

11. Assignment
It is not allowed to disclose or transfer the content of the Russia Forum portal to the third party other than is specified in paragraph Right of use and the action of contract. The right of use the services of the Russia Forum portal cannot be leased or loaned. The registered user has the right to assign their rights, which are relevant to the Terms of usage, on the following conditions:

  • the assignees accept these terms of use and
  • the company Markinvest Oy receives the information about the assignee and his contacts

The assignee shall submit the Markinvest Oy customer service the application for transferring of identification data and request own username and password. Upon assignment, all the materials related to the Russia Forum portal services should be relinquished and all downloaded data related on the Russia Forum services on assignor´s computer hard disk should be destroyed. The assignment is deemed to be completed, when the company Markinvest Oy releases to the assignee his own login and password.

12. Markinvest Oy´s liability
The company Markinvest Oy will use his best efforts to ensure the continuous clear operation of the Russia Forum portal and the accuracy of information located on the portal. Because the content of the portal consists mostly of the information provided by third parties and the portal works with a network, the Markinvest Oy Company disclaims  liability in the following cases:

  • Markinvest Oy is not liable for any unavailability or interruption in service caused by any reason not dependent on the company Markinvest Oy, as, for example, because of technical failure, maintenance or other technical reasons, but also for failures of the Internet or failures in the data transmission;
  • Markinvest Oy is not liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage incurred by users or third parties as a result of any error or flaw in the portal or the use of the data contained in the portal;
  • The portal also contains links to other sites not supported by the company Markinvest Oy. Markinvest Oy in no way does not control such websites and is therefore not liable for their content or lawfulness;
  • The Markinvest Oy limit of liability for any loss or damage is not more than the amount of one year payment of the corresponding user for the use of Russia Forum portal service.

13. Other conditions
The company Markinvest Oy has the right to change these Terms by notifying the customers or specified by the customer user. If the user does not accept the amended Terms, he should terminate the contract within two weeks from the date of receipt of the notice of amendment.

Markinvest Oy has the right to terminate the contract in 30 days after the notice of termination. The termination notice can be made through the portal, by email, telephone or letter. Markinvest Oy has the right to terminate the contract immediately if payment for the service is overdue or if the user uses the portal other than regulated by these Rules, laws, official regulations or rules of etiquette.

All disputes arising out of this contract will primarily be resolved through negotiations between the Parties. If the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiations, the dispute will be resolved in the Court of first instance of the city of Helsinki in accordance with the laws of Finland. The consumers have the right to appeal to the Court of first instance at the place of their stay in Finland

If the subscriber terminates the contract on his own initiative, the subscription to the portal Russia Forum will lapse at the same time. The subscriber is not entitled to any refund for any outstanding invoicing period.

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