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Business contact service on the Information portal Russia Forum is available to all international companies. Business contact on Russia Forum is an opportunity for active companies to create a trade network and provide information in Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

”Bulletin Board” service at Business-contact - Russia Forum

Business contact service is available to all companies in Finland, Russia, Europe... Using Bulletin Board active companies are looking for partners and new business opportunities.

On the Bulletin Board of Business contact service at Russia Forum Information portal  the international companies working in the field of export or import, can place their offers about purchase/sale, the presentation of their products and services, the information about seeking business partners and retailers in Finland, Russia and other countries of Eurasia and Europe

The administration is not responsible for the content of ads, but still reserves the right to refuse publication of information that is contrary to morality, laws and regulations.

The price of the service Business contact: 25€/month./ad + VAT 24%.

The minimum time of ads on the "Bulletin Board" - 3 months.  Year price - 250€ + alv. 24 %..

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