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Advertising ordering

The advertising placements at the Russia Forum Information Portal are open to all export/import and trading companies.

The target of advertising may be Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan and other parts of Europe and Eurasia.

Front-page ads could be seen by all the Russia Forum visitors.

The Placement order does not require registration in the catalogue.

Russia Forum advertisings A and B

Advertisements can be placed in Finnish, English and Russian language page. Relating to the Registration Logotype placements are on the thematic and product pages.

The places of advertising are clear from the image. Banners A are horizontal and B Logo ads are below each other

Examples of the Logo ads:

- on the subject-page "Environmental Technology and Industry"

- on the product-page "Water purification"



Example: By clicking the Logo advertisement the user will be redirected to the desired URL address.




Price list and ordering

The ad order form could be made at the same time as the registration for companies catalogue.


Price list6 months
12 months
A Banners
200 400
B logottypes 150 250


Details for Russia Forum advertising >>>


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